Condition of England - Key Dates

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End of the Napoleonic Wars 1815
Corn Laws 1815
Spa Fields Meeting 1816
When was the Luddism Movement 1816
Harsh Winter 1817
Suspension of Habeas Corpus 1917
March of the Blanketeers 1817
Pentrich Rising 1817
Peterloo Massacre 1819
The Six Acts 1819
Cato Street Conspiracy 1820
Trade improved and popular protests subsided 1820s
Repeal of the Combination Acts 1824
Lord Liverpool resigns 1827
Metropolitan Police Force established in London 1829
Roman Catholic Emancipation Act 1829
Ten Hours Movements Starts 1830
Swing Riots 1830-1
First Cholera Epidemic in England 1831
Poor Law Commission set up 1832
Great (Parliamentary) Reform Act 1832
Royal Commission into the Employment of Children in Factories 1833
Factory Acts & First Government grant for education 1833
Poor Law Amendment Act (New Poor Law) 1834
Tolpuddle Martyrs Sentence 1834
Grand National Consolidated Trades Union (GNCTU) launched 1834
Municipal Corporations Act 1835
Beginning of the Great Victorian Depression 'the Hunger 40s' 1837
Introduction of New Poor Law to North of England 1837
Anti-Poor Law campaign 1837-8
People's Charter Launched 1838
Birmingham Riots 1839
Newport Rising 1839
Mines Act 1842
Husker Pit Disaster 1842
Plug Riots 1842
Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions 1842
Factories Act 1844
Factory Act (Ten Hours Act) 1847
Public Health Act 1848
Third Chartist Petition rejected 1848
Factory Act 1850
Factory Act 1853
Gaols Act 1923
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