Poverty and Public Health

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What was the Poor Law commission replaced by after is was abolished in 1847? the Poor Law Board
What were the Poor Law Board's Priorities up until 1953? Transfer unemployed to Urban Areas & Protect urban rate payers from sudden surge in demand
What did the Poor Law Commission have 3 of? Commissioners
Who was secretary of the Poor Law Commission? Edwin Chadwick
What types of Poor are there? Deserving Poor or Undeserving Poor
Who did pressure for reform come from? Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, Robert Owen, Thomas Malthus
Old Poor Law negatives corruption, local crisis could affect relief, variations of fairness & effectiveness, diversity
Old Poor Law positives Poor are known as individuals, greater humanity and sensitivity to the poor
What is indoor relief? relief inside the workhouse, regulated lives
When was the Old Poor Law established? end if the 16th Century
Where did the money for outdoor relief of the Old Poor Law come from? The Poor Rate
When did the Whigs come into Power? 1831
When was the Commission of Inquiry into the Poor Laws? 1832
When did the The Commission into the Poor Law publish its findings? 1834
How many places did the Poor Law Commission take information from? 3,000
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