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idyllic very peaceful and happy He had an idyllic life living on a quiet and successful farm with many friends.
Morass Area of soft, wet ground There is a big morass at the end of the river and there are lots of crocs living there. Beware!
Languid Showing or having very little energy The kids in PE class were very languid due to the hot weather.
reproach expression of disapproval You are not above reproach and if you break the rules there will be a consequence.
penury State of being poor He lived in extreme penury as a result of losing his job.
lapel folds of fabric on your clothing next to your throat He had blood on his lapel after getting in the neck
pommel round part on part of the saddle Grab the pommel to the saddle if you are about to fall.
martyrdom extreme suffering Santiago was led to martyrdom by the silence of the town.
tamarind pod of a large tropical tree The tamarind tree is very common in tropical places
jilted rejected lover Many movies have a character who is a jilted lover who then has to change his life.
merengue Ballroom dance (from Haiti or the Dominican) I danced the merengue when I need to get happy.
lignum vitae very hard wood of several tropical trees Our house is made of lignum vitae
consumated to complete something or to be fulfilled
panopticon kind of a made-up prison that is circular and has many tiers
predisposed inclined or susceptible to
stolid unexcitable, shows little emotion
scapular sleeveless outer garment like on a monk
novice beginners
marquetry beautiful woodwork with inlays and paintings
machismo being a bit over the top in trying to be the tough male
seigneur person of high rank
episcopal governed by bishops or relates to them
perforations holes made by piercings
stigma something may hurt your rep in the future (like a drinking problem) or marks/scars on a body
encephalic relates to the brain
rustic plain, simple, country-like
irreparable can't be mended or fixed
expiated relates to guilt/admitting a sin/making amends for a sin
precipice edge of a cliff
reticence reserved, quiet, reluctant
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