The Pretties

Elizabeth Manthe
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Elizabeth Manthe
Created by Elizabeth Manthe about 4 years ago
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The Pretties
1 Setting
1.1 It takes place in the future.
1.2 Located in a town called New Pretty Town and in the Smoke.
2 Characters
2.1 Tally
2.1.1 Brave
2.1.2 Outgoing
2.2 Zane
2.2.1 Daring
2.2.2 Leadership
2.3 Shay
2.3.1 Clever
2.3.2 Adventurous
3 Main Conflict
3.1 The main conflict is that Tally and Zane need to get back into The Smoke. So then they can get cured from the lesions the pretty operation puts into your brain. The lesions make you not think straight and brainwash you.
3.2 Zane and Tally took the cure to the lesions and Zane is having bad headaches. They need to escape the city before anyone finds out they have been cured.
4 Theme
4.1 Everyone wants to have the operation to become extremely gorgeous but it really isn't a good thing. Since the lesions can destroy your brain.
4.2 The theme in the story is everything isn't always what it seems.

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