First Humans

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What are the limitations of evidence? (Otzi, hominids, Knossos & Sir Arthur Evans) Discoveries are never for certain Limitations to technology: "Otzi" - first couldn't discover eating habits/health, later technology improved -discovered lifestyle Fossils/artifacts - can't be sure what it was used for/its value Knossos - evidence recreated by Sir Arthur Evans
What are the 8 factors that have shaped world history? 1. Power and Authority 2. Religious and ethical systems 3. Revolution 4. Interaction with environment 5. Economics 6. Cultural interaction 7. Empire building 8. Science and technology
What does 'prehistoric' mean? The period before written records
What was the agricultural revolution? 10,000 years ago Changes in human life due to the beginnings of farming Change from food-gathering to food-producing
Consequences of the Agricultural Revolution Pros - population increase, surplus of food Cons - floods, fire, drought, disease (malaria)
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