Reasons why Eleanor rebelled

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Did her Husband's murder of Thomas Becket in 1170 lead her to rebel - see him for the monster he really is? Although plausible, this seems rather far fetched Eleanor deeply resented her position as a non-entity (regarded as being of no importance) in the reign and government of Henry. She was brought neither power nor influence. Was this due to Henry's overpowering mother, Empress Matilda who didn't die until 1167?
She could take no more of Henry's infidelities - particularly his long lasting affair with Rosamund Clifford. Eleanor was a sexually jealous, vengeful woman. Motivated by her concerns for Aquitaine, and the fear that it was being absorbed anonymously in Henry's Angevin empire. She resented any pyramid of power and influence that placed England and Normandy above Aquitaine.
Eleanor was the guiding hand behind the conspiracy, as her 15 and 14 year old sons, Richard and Geoffrey, would not have rallied to anyone else in defiance of their father. .
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