Reasons why the barons rebelled

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In England and Normandy Henry tried to change the rules of knight-service, forcing the barons to supply more men. Henry caused further disruption by trying to eliminate corruption in Normandy via a new form of Domesday Book
Most men joined Young Henry not because they regarded him as the juster cause, but because the king as trampling on the necks of the proud and haughty. Some key barons: Guy of Lusignan, Count William of Angouleme, Count Theobold of Blois. However, it was the support of the kings of France and Scotland that seemed more likely to portend success for YH
Nearly all the earls and barons of England, Normandy, Aquiatine, Anjou and Brittany rose against the King Many (particularly in Aquitaine) were not interested in the cause of YH, but used the revolt as an excuse to overthrow Henry II's overlordship
Angered the barons through his unprecedented intrusion to the affairs of England's great men - In 1166 he demanded a written list of the tenant-in-chief who owned oaths of loyalty to the king, and how much scutage could be placed on the tenants-in-chief for their knights. The barons often held power through the use of castles. However after 1154 Henry II destroyed many, deemed to be 'illegal'. Those who retained their castles were often reminded of their inferior and subordinate status, as Henry built 'new' castles near by - (Hugh Bigod)
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