Satellite states, Cominform and Comecon

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Question Answer
Why did the USSR agree to hold free elections in the countries under its sphere of infulence? Because they thought people would vote Communism- most didn't thoguh
How did Communism win the the 'free' elections? Because the USSR fixed elections and killed major opponents to Communism
What did the Communists do once in power? Shut down opposite parties and made the country a one party state
When was Cominform set up? 1947 by Stalin
What did the Cominform bureau do? 1) It got rid of any opposition to the USSR's control in satellite states 2) It encouraged Communist parties in Western countries to block Marshall plan assistance
When did Stalin set up Comecon? 1949
What was Comecon? The USSR's alternative to the Marshall plan
What were the key points of Comecon? 1) It built up trade links between Comecon countries 2) It prevented Comecon countries signing to the Marshall plan 3) Comecon included Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria etc.