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P1 revision: The Earth in the universe'

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Peer reveiw Where expert scientists critically evaluate other scientists' ideas and papers before and after publication
Sea floor spreading The process of forming new ocean floor at oceanic ridges
mountain chain a line of mountains stretching for hundreds or thousands of kilometers. Generally caused by the movement of tectonic plates.
The Rock Cycle Continuing changes in rock material, caused by processes such as erosion, sedimentation, compression and heating.
tectonic plates giant slabs of rock (about 12, comprising crust and upper mantle) that make up the earths outer layer
seismic wave a wave produced by vibrations caused by an earthquake
S-Waves Transverse seismic waves that travel through the earth, produced during earthquake
Erosion The movement of solids at the earths surface (eg. soil, mud, rock) caused by wind,water ,ice ,gravity and living organisms
Oceanic ridge a line of underwater mountains in an ocean, were new seafloor constantly forms.
Crust a rocky layer at the surface of the Earth, 10-40 km deep
Continental drift A theory that describes the extremely slow movements of the continents across the earth
Core The earths core is made mostly from Iron,solid at the centre and liquid outside
mantle a thick layer of rock beneath the earths crust, that extends about halfway to the centre
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