The Lord of the Flies, character

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Just the 5 main characters of the novel (Jack, Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Roger) and some notes to test yourself on. fairly useful but not full detail (note form)

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Simon He is a Christ-like figure, only he can reach the good fruit, he seems to know he will not go home "you'll get back alright" not we, used in symbols of light, knows there is no beast, selfless, kind, voice of reason, old beyond his years.
Ralph Natural leader, democratic, not always "Mr. Perfect" gets involved in wounding the pig and also killing Simon, wants to protect the boys, good wealthy upbringing, always wants to be in control, still very young at the beginning (standing on his head)
Jack Evil, wants to feed the boys, revolts from Ralph, reflected in the "unfriendly side" of the island, evil ideas "we could use a littleun" wanting to kill, bloodlust.
Piggy His glasses symbolise civilisation and intelligence, deliberately made ugly so he is ridiculed even though he gives good ideas, glasses=fire=power, killed by Roger, unfortunate upbringing.
Roger Antithesis of Simon, quiet but evil, kills Piggy, annoying, younger version of Jack, hunter, no respect for the beauty of the island.
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