5 History- Moroccan Crises

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What year was the first Moroccan crisis? 1905 - 1906
What are the specifics of the Moroccan crisis? Kaiser Wilhelm rode into Tangir on a white horse wearing a military uniform and gave a speech abut morocco's independence. Germany was trying to stop france from getting a foothold in morocco, and called an international conference in algeciras. The results were that both britain and russia supported france, but only austria supported germany. This meant france and spain got joint control of moroccan police and banks.
What is the significance of the moroccan crisis? strengthened entente cordiale. weakened triple alliance (to some extent). encourages anglo-russian agreement. germany feels they need to support austria in the future.
What year was the second moroccan crisis? (agadir crisis) 1911
What happens in the agadir crisis? French sends troops to fez to sort out a rebellion. Germany see's this as them trying to take over the whole of morocco. Germany sends a warships "panther" to Agadir, hoping to force france to give them the french congo and to "protect germany interests and german citizens". Britain was worried Germany would build a naval base in agadir (interfering with british sea paths) so sent war ships. Germany backed down and recognised french influence in morocco.
What's the significance of the agadir crisis? Germans feel more anti-british and viceversa. Rising tension and possibility of war. Triple alliance weakened-Italy didn't support them. Britain and france made a naval agreement.
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