The Jesuits

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Jesuit Privilages schools were exhmept from tax answerable directly to the pope novices didn't have to be accepted immediately
Importance of Lainez Second General of the Society checked the Papal index of 1559 Represents Pius IV at the Colloquy of Poissy 1561, prevents catholic compromise to Calvinists
Importance of Salmeron mission to Ireland by Paul III returns to Rome in 1550 Council of Trent 1550, Jesuit college in Naples Diplomat at Diet of Augsburg
Importance of Xavier? Missionary work in the east: 1542 in Goa, baptised 10,000 by 1544 1549 in Japan, by 1551 2000 baptised in 5 communities, 200,000 baptised by 1600 japanese catechism in 1558
Importance of Canisius? slowing down Protestantism in Germany from 1549-80 helps found 18 colleges in Germany befirends Ferdinand I and Duke Albert V of Bavaria
when/where was the first Jesuit school set up? Messina 1547
When/where was the first Jesuit college set up? Rome, 1551
how many Conversion in the Americas? 10 million, not all jesuit
when/ where was the Company of Orphans set up? Rome, 1541
when was the company of Jesus formed? 1534 at the Sorbonne, goal was to convert in the holy land, Jerusalem
When did they meet in Venice and what happened there? 1537, couldn't travel to Jerusalem so were ordained as priests
When did they first travel to rome and why? 1538, to offer their services to the pope
When were the spiritual exercises written? 1522-24
what were the key features of the spiritual exercices? one on one flexible spiritually intense repeatable aimed at VIP clients
which jesuits were present at the council of Trent? Lainez and Salmeron were present of the first three sessions
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