5. Why tensions rose between Becket and Henry

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Henry's 3 main grievances against Becket by 1163: 1) Protection of clerics from lay punishment 2) irregular punishment of the laity for moral offences 3) Disregard for ancient customs and conventions between Crown and Church At the Constitutions of Clarendon, Henry wanted clerks to appear before a royal court if committing a crime. However, Becket objected, stating that what in the past had been customs were not becoming a rule, thus he would not be bullied.
After the Constitutions of Clarendon, relations worsened. Becket accused of wrongful behaviour, and found guilty of refusing to attend the King's court. He was also accused of failing to repay royal loans, and keeping royal income (peculation - stealing) - if this judgement went against him Becket would be ruined. His own bishops no longer supported him
After being accused for perjury and treachery, Becket fled the court into exile without Henry's jurisdiction, where he remained for 6 years The main issues as to why H and B clashed was that Becket insisted on clerical immunity and condemned the concept of double jeopardy, trial and punishment by two courts of the same offence.
The King and bishop of London were threatened with excommunication for the crowning of YH. Pope Alexander III later excommunicated both of them .
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