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What are the 5 measures to compare information? Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, Negative Predictive Value, Accuracy
Sensitivity = ? The ability of a test to detect a disease
Sensitivity formula = ? TP/TP+FN
Specificity = ? The ability of a test to identify normality
Specificity formula = ? TN/TN+FP
Positive Predictive Value = ? The % of non-invasive tests which accurately predict abnormality
Positive Predictive Value formula = ? TP/TP+FP
Negative Predictive Value = ? The number of non-invasive tests which accurately predict normality
Negative Predictive Value formula = ? TN/TN+FN
Accuracy = ? The overall % of correct non-invasive diagnoses(How well you rule out disease)
Accuracy formula = ? TP+TN/TP+FP+TN+FN
The 2x2 box configuration that allows you to calculate the statistics is called the? Chi square
What the Chi square looks like.
This means that both non-invasive and gold standard found disease True Positive(TP)
This means that the non-invasive result was abnormal, but the gold standard was normal. False Positive(FP)
This means that the non-invasive exam was normal, but the gold standard found disease. False Negative(FN)
This means that the non-invasive and the gold standard agree on the absence of disease. True Negative(TN)
If there is a "G" in front of the positive/negative predictive values, what does it stand for? Group
What is the main accrediting body for vascular labs? ICAVL
ICAVL stands for? Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories
This signifies that a facility has been reviewed by an independent agency, which recognizes the commitment to quality testing for the diagnosis of vascular disease. Accreditation
True/False Participation in the accreditation process is voluntary. True
The ICAVL offers accreditation in what 5 areas? Extracranial Cerebrovascular, Intracranial Cerebrovascular, Peripheral Arterial, Peripheral Venous, Visceral Vascular
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