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Cromwell, Cramner, Gardiner and Norfolk - reformist and conservative battling it out.

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Who were the conservative and reformist factions in Henry's reign? Conservatives - Norfolk, Gardiner Reformist - Cromwell, Cramner
Conservative views? Conservatives believed nobility should advise the crown (as opposed to "the new man" i.e. Cromwell). Accepted Royal supremacy and break from Rome, but Orthodox in religion.
Reformist views? Royal supremacy as starting point for reform. Advance English Church, emphasis on importance of scripture and preaching than before break with Rome
How much control did Henry have in his final years? Control waned. Illness, disappointment in marriage, factional struggle affected stability of government.
Act of six articles? Led by Norfolk, reflected view of the masses and made importance of priesthood and sacraments clear.
How did factions oust Cromwell from power? Marriage to Anne of Cleves - failure on Cromwell's behalf. Catherine Howard - Norfolk's niece, very useful tool in gaining power thru marriage. Cromwell as a heretic - said to be supporting Sacramentarians in Calais.
what stopped Cromwell from defending himself before his execution? Act of attainder
How did Henry assert his dominance? Foreign conflict - captured Boulogne (at cost of 2M), shows he had some control over policy. Financially disastrous, but satisfied Henry.
What other way did Henry assert his dominance? Act of Six Articles (1539) - Henry decided to stop religious experimentation (control of policy). Speech in Parliament (1545) - middle way in religion, warning to both sides to stop going against royal spiritual authority - not to be tolerated.
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