Chemistry 4 Fuels From Crude Oil GCSE Core

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Why is Crude oil separated into fractions? Because when the crude oil is separated into fractions the products formed are alot more useful then the crude oil alone. Eg. car petrol, Gas and oils
Name the products produced when ethane (C2H6) burns completely Water and Carbon Dioxide
Give 3 reasons why fractions with lower boiling points are more useful as fuels Have Low Viscosity (very runny) --- Very Flammable (Ignite easy) --- Burn with clean flames (Very little smoke produced)
Name 2 fuels that can be made from renewable sources Biodiesel and Ethanol
What are particulates and how are they produced? In a limited supply of air Incomplete Combustion may produce Carbon Monoxide. Carbon may also be produced and some of the hydrocarbons may not burn. This produced solid particles that contain soot (carbon) and un burnt hydrocarbons called PARTICULATES
Why do some fuels produce sulfur dioxide Because they contain sulfur compounds. When they burn they product Sulfur dioxide
Why should Propane should always be burned in a plentiful supply of air? To avoid incomplete combustion and the production of Carbon Monoxide and carbon as it is highly poisonous
Why are some scientists concerned about the carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels? It contributes to Global Warming
What does sulfur dioxide cause? Acid Rain
What happens in a fractional distillation column used to separate crude oil? he crude oil is evaporated and its vapours allowed to condense at different temperatures in the fractionating column