Henry VII Foreign Policy

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Truces/Treaties At Start Of Reign 1485: One year truce with France (extended to 1489) 1486: Three year truce with Scotland 1486: Commercial Treaty With Brittany 1487: Treaty With HRE renewed
Lambert Simnel Attracted Support From Ireland And Burgundy (even crowned Edward VI in Ireland) Margaret of Burgundy Edward IV's sister so willing to support Yorkist causes Defeated at Battle of Stoke
Brittany French King Charles VIII planned to marry Duke of Francis' daughter Anne, meaning they could incorporate Brittany Duke Francis married her to Maximilian - France then invaded Francis asked for Henry's help....
Brittany - Henry's Actions Had moral obligation to help Francis (who sheltered him) but wanted to maintain truce with France Sent hundreds of troops under Lord Scales whilst acting as a mediator Bretons refused to comprise so Henry disowned Scales and renewed truce with France
Brittany Continued Bretons defeated at Battle of St Aubin de Cormier Francis signed the Treaty of Sable - promised his daughter wouldn't marry without permission of the French King and he was a vassal of French King
Brittany - Henry's Actions After Sable Francis died three weeks later and the French claimed custody of Anne French looked like annexation was likely, so Henry sent 6000 troops Maximilian didn't support him and Spain quickly withdrew Invaded France in 1492 with 26000 men
Treaty Of Etaples 1492 This meant Henry would withdraw from Brittany and France annexed it France wouldn't support English rebels France would pay arrears of Treaty of Picquiny and pay the costs for intervention in Brittany at rate of £5,000 and (5% of King's income)
Treaty Of Medina Del Campo Marriage alliance between Prince Arthur and Catherine of Aragon Ferdinand paid for dowry and promised not to help English rebels Both would support each other if one was at war
League of Venice Formed in 1495 between Pope, Ferdinand, Maximilian and leaders of Milan and Venice Ferdinand decided Henry should join and renamed it the 'Holy League' (1496) Also signed commercial treaty with France and Magnus Intercarcus with Burgundy
Perkin Warbeck Gained support from France, Scotland, Ireland and Burgundy. Greatly jeopardised Henry's FP (marriage alliance negotiations hindered with Spain) Henry also disrupted England's cloth trade with Netherlands due to Burgundy's support of Warbeck
Truce Of Ayton 1497 First agreement between England and Scotland since 1328 Became full peace treaty once Warbeck was executed Sealed by James IV marriage to Margaret, Henry's oldest daughter Dependent on peace between England and France
Death Of Prince Arthur 1502 Major blow to Henry's foreign policy Only 5 months after his marriage to Catherine of Aragon Both Ferdinand and Isabella agreed that Catherine of Aragon would be marriage to Prince Henry instead Papal dispensation received 1504
Death Of Queen Elizabeth 1503 Caused major dynastic concerns for Henry as he was single with only son He began to consider other wife's - Joanna of Naples (first choice), Margaret of Savoy and Joanna of Castile and Burgundy He was unsuccessful in finding a new wife
Malus Intercursus Forced Phillip of Burgundy to hand over Earl of Suffolk and agree that Henry would marry Phillip's sister Caused Ferdinand to seek better relations with France - married Louis XII's niece, Germaine de Foix in 1505
Relations With Spain 1506-1509 When Phillip of Burgundy died in 1506, it gave Spain an excuse to takeover Castile Henry wished to marry Joanna of Castile to maintain alliance between England, Castile and Burgundy Ferdinand refused and also refused to sent the rest of Catherine's dowry
League Of Cambrai 1508 Anti-Venetian alliance between Pope, Louis XII, Ferdinand, Maximilian and Archduke Charles Originally intended to be an anti-Ferdinand alliance between England, France and Netherlands All leaders still supported Henry - so did not damage Henry's interests
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