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Postmodernism Inability to create anything new. Experimentation with existing forms and conventions. Hyperreality and the loss of the 'real' Self reflexivity within texts Intertextuality and media texts being important to culture Hybridisation and Bricolage (Juxtapositioning) General Pessimism and lack of purpose Technology increasingly important in social interaction.
Hyperreality Proposed by the philosopher Jean Baudrillard, hyperreality is the shift from texts that reflect an external reality to ones reflecting reality as false or exaggerated.
Hybridisation or Bricolage This occurs when attempting to create something new by merging two existing objects or genres together. Extremes of this is called Bricolage. Construction of meaning through remixing a combination of elements to make a new style.
Jean Baudrillard Reality - simulation - simulacra - hyperreality Argues that living in a hyperreal world where reality is detached from anything real means that we are not too sure what is real and what isn't. He wrote a book called 'The Gulf War did not take place' which argued that contemporary media is responsible for this process as we observe the world at home rather than engage with it.
Jean Francois Lyotard Lyotard argues that in the postmodern world (post WW2) we have lost faith in science and technology and the "meta narratives" that drive them.
Meta- narratives 'Big ideas' that are used to understand the world for example political beliefs or group identities. For example "The science and technology of warfare only leads to destruction and social welfare systems like unemployment benefits can cause a dependancy and benefit culture.
Simulacra Simulation of reality, things that do not reflect reality as they do not exist in the real world. For example disney world or the sims. Another example is the image of hello kitty. It holds no meaning or purpose and is solely an image but has becoming a multi billion dollar franchise worldwide and is associated with Japan.
Intertextuality References another text within a text for example popular culture. Eg. Family Guy Star Wars episodes.
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