History: Britain 1750-1900: Health and Housing

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Why were there other improvements in health by 1900 There were medical and surgical advances
What improvements were made to the piped water supply Clean water was piped into homes and sewers were built to rid cities of their waste
Why were there improvements in public health by 1900 The poor conditions in British cities and the work of some individuals forced the Government to act
Why were Britain's towns overcrowded There were too many people living in the towns
Why was the housing in towns poorly built The properties were poorly built
Why were living conditions so bad The conditions inside the houses were appalling
Why was bad housing a threat to health Sanatation was terrible and diseases spread
What medical problems resulted from poor housing and overcrowing There were a range of diseases which killed many people due to poor housing
What changes were introduced by 1900 which brougt improvements in housing There were a number of investigations of living conditions and as a result, new laws were introduced to improve housing for the poor
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