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Dynamic Strength the strength used to support own body weight over a prolonged period of time
Explosive strength Used in short sharp bursts of movement
Static strength the greatest amount of strength applied to an immovable object
Agility The ability to change direction quickly
Balance The ability to maintain a centre of mass over a base of support
Cardiovascular endurance The ability to keep the heart and lungs working efficiently during endurance events
Flexibility The range of movement at a joint
Co-ordination the ability to move two or more body parts at the same time
Power A combination of speed and strength
Reaction time The time taken to respond to a stimulus
Speed The ability to move a body part quickly
Health A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
Stress The body's reaction to change which requires a mental, physical or emotional adjustment or response
Fatigue A feeling of extreme mental or physical tiredness brought on by extreme exertion which may lead to the temporary loss of strength and energy
Fitness capability of the body to meet daily demands made upon it, without overdue stress
Strength The ability to bear weight
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