The effects of anxiety on performance

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cognitive anxiety thoughts, nervousness, apprehension or worry that a performer has about their lack of ability to complete a task successfully
somatic anxiety physiological resonses to a situation where a performer feels that they may be unable to cope; symptoms include increased heart rate, sweaty palms and feelings of nausea
state anxiety anxiety felt in a particular situation
trait anxiety an enduring personality trait, giving a tendency to view all situations as threatening
imagery creating mental images to escape the immediate effects of stress
visualisation the process of creating a mental image of what you want to happen or feel
attentional control maintaining concentration on appropriate cues
positive self-talk developing positive thoughts about one's actions
thought stopping conditioning the mind to think of alternatives to the anxiety-causing negative thought
biofeedback information about changes in physiological variables; the patient watches a monitor displaying changes in reading of a variable associated with somatic anxiety and tries to lower the reading by distracting their attantion away from the cause of the anxiety
breathing control using diaphragmatic breathing as a means of focusing on relaxation
progressive muscular relaxation learning to be aware of the tension prsent in muscles and removing it by relaxing
centering using deep breathing as a way of refocusing your concentration
goal setting a technique used to control anxiety by directing attention away from stress and towards an achievable target
stress the non specific resonse of the body to any demand made upon it
the SCAT test allows you to find out which competitors are likely to become too anxious in competitive situations
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