Miles Davis - All Blues

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From the album, Kind of Blue. Recorded in New York, 1959. Musicians would not have read from a score – would have known basic structure and order of solos. Combination of soloists regarded as greatest collection of jazz musicians ever assembled. CONTEXT
Mainly melody with accompaniment (provided by rhythm section). Soloists never improvise at the same time. Sax riff adds another layer to texture when it is used. TEXTURE
Piece based around 12 bar Blues in G major. Modal jazz. TONALITY
Jazz based harmony, extended chords (7ths/9ths). Blue notes HARMONY
Main tune is called the head. Davis performs this on trumpet at the beginning and end of the piece. Four improvised solos. Trumpet (Davis), alto sax (Adderley) tenor sax (Coltrane) and piano (Evans). Head melody is based on motif of a major sixth leap. Ornamented with mordents. Adderley uses chromatic notes in his solo. Coltrane uses faster rapid phrases in his solo. MELODY
Trumpet (sometimes is played using a harmon mute), Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Piano, Bass, Drums (played with brushes in places). Trumpet, Alto Sax, Tenor Sax = frontline. Piano, bass and drums = rhythm. INSTRUMENTS
Crotchet = 156. Jazz waltz. Tempo does not change. TEMPO
Written in 6/4 to give jazz waltz feel. Jazzy rhythms used, triplets, syncopations. Swung quavers STRUCTURE
Intro, head 1, head 2, Trumpet solo, Alto sax solo, Tenor sax solo, piano solo, head 3, head 4, coda. 12 bar blues sequence is repeated 19 times G7 G7 G7 G7 Gm Gm G7 G7 D7 Eb7 F G F G Four bar riff links each section together. STRUCTURE
No big dynamic contrasts, although excitement sometimes builds in solo sections through subtle dynamic increases. Starts quietly, fades out at the end. DYNAMICS
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