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What were the 4 main points to remember from the Geneva Accords 1954? 1. Communist North - new PM Diem in South 2. French withdrawal from North and Vietminh from South 3. Democratic elections in two years 4. No military alliances with foreign powers
What was Eisenhower's reaction to the Geneva Conference? Conference not viewed as success Viewed the prospect of 1956 elections with distrust, assumed Ho would win
How did Diem rule the South? Dictatorial Manner Support from rich Catholic minority who exploited Buddhist peasant majority No land reforms, rents high, food scarce
Why did Diem remain unpopular, despite the huge amounts of aid from U.S? Ignored US advice to reform Vietnam Disliked meeting 'normal' people Laws passed targeting communists but were used against any critics of his regime Alienated rural peasants
What was the 'Formosa Resolution'? Gave almost unlimited power to US forces in a certain area of the world = a clear extension of presidential power Gained approval from congress in Jan 1955 to deploy troops in Taiwan
What was the situation with China and Taiwan in 1958? Problems resurfaced - Chiang increased size of army - China retaliated = bombarded Quemoy US sent ships US made clear to Chiang they would not support him if he provoked China in future
Eisenhower's administration believed in the 'domino theory', what was this? If Indo-China fell to communism, whole of South-east Asia would be threatened which threatens the economic & military security of Japan too
How did the election of Eisenhower help bring the Korean War to an end? Reputation = Supreme commander of allied forces in WW2 which made his threats believable: Threatened to use nuclear weapons and involve Chiang
What was the U.S public opinion of the Korean War by the time of Eisenhower's election? Increasingly anti-war Unwise Europe seen more important Treasury Secretary made clear that it was economically important to end involvement
How did the death of Stalin influence the ending of the Korean War? New collective leadership which started the 'thaw' keen to improve relations - ending war would help keen to focus on domestic issues
What was the attitude of the Chinese at the end of the Korean War? War beginning to cost a great deal Keen to focus on domestic issues War was accounting for nearly half their entire budget
When was the armistice signed for the Korean War? 16th June 1953
What was the impact of the Korean War on America? Human cost = less than others but for 'police action' it was surprisingly high Military expenditure inc. from 4% to 14% of GNP Strengthened anti-communist paranoia CIA expanded rapidly Increased the credibility of UN
Why is the Emmett Till case significant? Two white men tortured and murdered Till for 'wolf-whistling' at a white woman (who has since retracted her claim) Eisenhower made no comment The men were arrested but released Galvanized the civil rights movement
What happened to McCarthy under Eisenhower? Republicans encouraged McCarthy and used him to attack the Democrats Eisenhower ignored him hoping he'd fade away McCarthy soon faded from public view - more outrageous accusations 'red scare' came to end by 1954
What was Eisenhower's political philosophy? Moderate New Brand of Republicanism 'dynamic conservatism' 'conservative with money, liberal with human beings'
Why did Eisenhower win the 1952 Presidential Election? Both Repub. & Demo. considered him as candidate Personal popularity - major part of campaign Utilized TV = adverts focused on honesty & integrity (contrast to Demo. in financial corruption scandal) Stance on Korean War
Why was Nixon a perfect vice-presidential candidate? Experienced politician Good balance to Ike's non-political background anti-communist crusader
What was the significance of the Suez Canal Crisis 1956? Britain & France weakened in terms of influence America looked like peacekeepers Viability of European power in Middle East questioned Lead to Eisenhower Doctrine
What happened with Hungary in 1956? Khrushchev = 'destalinization' CIA broadcasts suggested Hungarians would gain US support Revolt spread - Nagy - talking of leaving Warsaw Pact Eisenhower = sympathizing speech but didn't get involved but accepted 25,000 refugees USSR - crushed revolt, killed 30,000 Hungarians
What was the significance of Little Rock 1957? TV helped spread the image of African-American children being racially abused by white adults = influenced moderate opinion Showed black community had to be more pro-active - Supreme Court decisions not enough
When were Little Rock's schools fully integrated? Not until 1972