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Feelings for employer 'I was carried away in London'
Feelings for employer -Doulgas 'the seduction exercised by the splendid young man. She succumbed to it'
Family Background -Douglas 'The youngest of several daughters of a poor country parson'
Family Background -Governess 'I was in receipt of disturbing letters from home, where things were not going well.'
Feelings about Bly -Governess 'A castle of romance' 'it was a big ugly antique but convenient house'
Emotional State -Governess 'A succession of flights and drops'
Sleep -Governess 'I slept little that night' 'It was imagined whether I slept'
Fictionalizing -Books 'A mystery of Udolpho' 'The book i had in my hand was Feildings 'Ameila'' -unfailing good and faithful heroine, pursued by am assortment of men
Sense of Responsibility -Governess 'Well, i was strangely at the helm'
Sense of Importance -Governess 'I rather applaud myself as I look back'
Sense of Importance -Governess about children 'They had nothing but me'
Sense of importance -Governess on first arrival 'dropped me as decent a curtsy as if I had been the mistress or a distinguished visitor .'
Response to Ghosts -Governess about Quint 'as if I had been staring at him for years and had known him always'
Response to Ghost -Mrs Grose and Governess "He is handsome?" "Remarkably."
Irrational Reasoning -Mrs Grose and Governess "She told you? "Not a word - that's the horror."
Irrational Reasoning -Governess 'The more I go over it the more I see in it, and the more I see in it the more I fear. I don't know what I don't see and what I don't fear.'
Belief without Evidence 'Our not seeing it the strongest of proof'
Changes of Mind -Governess about Flora 'rosy sprite' 'she had turned common and almost ugly'
Changes of mind -Governess on Children 'Their false little lovely eyes'
Irresponsible Governess -Governess to Miles 'I don't think your Uncle much cares'
Irresponsible Governess -Governess on Flora after the Lake 'That child-horrors? ...Thank God, So it justifies me'
Irresponsible Governess -Governess final scene 'If he were innocent what then on earth was I?'
Possessiveness -Governess 'seize one more chance of possessing him' 'my boy'
Possessiveness -Governess on Flora 'To watch, teach, 'form' little Flora'
Self Sacrifice -Governess 'I was a screen' 'I should serve as an expiatory shield'
Use of physical force -Governess on Miles 'yet my hands - for pure tenderness - shook him'
Use of physical force -Governess on Mrs Grose 'pushing my college fairly to the wall' METAPHOR
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