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Animal Management Flashcards on Goats, created by Louise Mason on 05/11/2017.
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What common breed of goat has an all white coat? Saanen
What common breed of goat has a white body and a black head? Bagot
What common breed of goat has a brown and white coat? Toggenburg
What breed of goat has a characteristic bent nose and long ears? Anglo-Nubian
What common breed of goat has a dark brown and black coat? Old English
From which breed goat do we get mohair fibres? Angora
What are some common behavioral traits of goats? inquisitive, agile, investigative, strong natural hierarchy
Do goats respond positively or negatively to handling? positively - usually very friendly, easy to handle and will allow themselves to being led
How much floor space is needed for one goat in a house? 1.75 square metres of floor space per goat
What is the main problem that can arise within housing with goats behavior? can be destructive - fittings need to be out of reach, high standard fences
What is the benefit of goats being very selective eaters? allows them to thrive in hostile conditions by getting the most nutrients from what may be available to them
What are the energy requirements of a lactating goat? 0.5 mJ ME/kg + 5 mJ ME/ kg of milk
What type of silage is preferred by goats? maize silage
What is the gestation length of goats? around 151 days
When weaned artificially on dairy farms, at what age are kids usually weaned? 6-8 weeks
How soon after birth are kids usually disbudded? one week
How often does oestrus occur in the goat reproductive cycle? every 21 days
On a dairy farm, what size herd calls for the use of a rotary parlour? over 500 goats
What is the demand for goat milk currently like? low compared to cows milk but increasing demand over the past few years
How is cashmere harvested? selectively bred coats that have a higher density of secondary coat fibres, cashmere produced from secondary hair follicles
What kind of bone:meat ratio is associated with goat carcasses? high ratio, carcasses are always lean
What is the biggest health problem with keeping goats? internal parasites - goats do not develop resistance and can easily be exposed to parasites via grazing
How many times a year should foot trimming be carried out for goats? 2/3 times
If using unlicensed products to treat goats, what is the withdrawal period? 7 days
After using licensed anthelmintics, what is the withdrawal period? milk must be discarded for 3 days
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