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What is the role and importance of the youth in Nazi Germany? - The Nazis believed that young Germans should be brought up to be useful Germans and supporters of Nazi ideas - Nazi policies for the young weren't for their own benefit, but rather to strengthen Germany + the Nazi party - they believed that boys and girls should be brought up to be different - Nazi propaganda also often encouraged young people to view Hitler as a father figure
Give examples of youth groups and explain why were they created. Nazi youth groups, such as Hitler Youth, and the League of German Maidens, were organised to create strong, healthy Germans and supporters of Nazi ideas
How did youth groups develop through Hitler's rule? → 1933; Hitler banned all youth groups apart from Nazi ones and young people were pressured to join them → 1939; it was then made compulsory for all young Germans to join from 10, apart from the 'unwanted' minority groups
The Hitler Youth • Originally a political group --> members had to swear an oath of loyalty to the Fuhrer ---> Hitler hoped to build up a constant supply of citizens who were Nazi supporters • Hitler Youth was also used to make young Germans as fit and healthy as possible. • It was organised to train young German boys to become useful to the state; as workers or in the armed forces • the Hitler Youth was also designed to mould young people's characters into those who obeyed orders even in hardship.
The League of German Maidens • The Nazi Party created separate youth groups for the girls, but some of the activities were similar to the boys: - political activities; rallies + oaths of allegiance - also physical + character building activities, e.g. camping + marching • However they were also trained differently; they did not receive military training but rather: - trained to cook, iron etc and generally prepare to be a housewife - taught the importance of 'racial hygiene'- that they should keep the German race 'pure' by marrying Aryan men.
How did control the youth through education? • In 1934, Education Minister, Bernhard Rust saw schools as a way of controlling the views of young Germans • During the 1930s, he made a series of changes to bring all schools under the control of the Nazis • They did this through the teachers and the curriculum
Teachers • law was introduced → allowing Nazis to sake teachers they didn't approve of • all teachers had to swear on oath of loyalty to Hitler + join the Nazi Teacher's League • the NTL ran political education courses for teachers, telling them what to support → the Nazis expected teachers to act like them • teachers taught students the Nazi salute • started + ended each lesson saying 'Hail Hitler' • Nazi posters + flags in classrooms
Curriculum • new school subjects, Race studies → they were taught about how the Aryan race was superior • traditional subjects were changed to make them suit Nazi ideas • amount of time for PE was doubled → to create healthy mothers + strong workers + soldiers • different curriculum for boys and girls → domestic topics for girls to make them more useful at home • all new textbook had to be approved by the Nazis • pupils gathered together in school halls to listen to major political speeches on the radio
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