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What is cartridge paper suitable for? Drawing and Illustration
Describe the properties of cartridge paper -High quality, heavy paper -Can be smooth or textured surface
What is tracing paper made to have? A low opacity, allowing light to travel through it
What is tracing paper used for? To copy images and redraw images
What is folding boxboard used for? Used to make boxes/packaging
What are the advantages of Folding Boxboard? -Low density -High rigidity -Coated surface suitable for high quality printing -Can be recycled
What are the two main parts of corrugated board? -The Liner -The meduim
What are the advanatges of corrugated board? -Good impact resistance– protects contents -Easy to recycle
What is solid white board? Top quality cardboard made from quality bleached wood pulp
What is solid white board used for? Hard backed books and more expensive packaging such as perfume
Name some properties of solid white board? -Perfectly white inside and out -It is the best card for printing on
Name some advantages of Solid White Board? Can be easily... cut, folded,creased, hot foil stamped, embossed
How is foil lined board made? A layer of waterproof foil is added to the card
What is foil lined board used for? Food Packaging
What are the advantages of foil lined board? Foil is waterproof: reflects heat, keeps food warm
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