Russia 1917-1939

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Why did the civil war occur? -Bolsheviks had not helped them quickly enough - still food shortages especially since loss of Ukraine to BL - CA closed down after one day - no democracy - prepared to fight Bolsheviks for it - Sovnarkom was Bolshevik led in October but Mensh and SRs ignored and formed opposition
What happened in the civil war? Spring 1918 - war began 1919 defeats for reds - Yudenich, British, NW and threatened Petrograd - Denikin, French, South especially Ukraine - Kolchak, British, East 1919 - due to Trotsky and weaknesses and divisions of the whites, both Yudenich and Denikin were defeated 1920 - Kolchak shot
Why BL -Russians promised 'PBL' -Lenin needed to increase support -War exacerbated lots of problems
what BL? - Trotsky led negotiations -Idea was to prolong discussions long enough for revolution and then fair treaty - Early 1918 Germans made big push into Russia and Trotsky forced to sign
Effects of BL? -Bolshevik popularity increased despite losses of treaty -Once war between Germany and the allies was over in November 1918 the treaty was meaningless
Why WC? Military: provide supplies and food for red army until reds win war Political: share wealth among Russian people - state in control Economic: provide food for workers to continue industrial production
What WC? -Vesenkha coordinated it -Grain requisitioning - used coercion -Peasants set quotas -Banning of private trade - unable to sell products for profit -rationing - soldiers and UW larger than anyone else, nobility and upper class v. small -factories of more than 10 workers under state control
Why July Days? Why: 1) Pg did not resolve any of problems and people were not happy with them 2) war was getting worse with huge defeats on Austrian front and soldiers were deserting and coming back to Petrograd to join demonstrations 3) Bolsheviks took opportunity to overthrow PG
What July days? - 3 days of demonstrations in Petrograd with the loyal police and army troops shooting demonstrators - 30,000 sailors, soldiers and workers out on streets demonstrating
Effects of July days? - Kerensky became new PM of PG (Lvov gone) - Did not overthrow PG - Indicated strength of opposition to PG but also that no party yet strong enough
Why February revolution? -WW1 exacerbated problems faced by Tsar -He lost control of Duma, urban workers and army
Why Kornilov coup? - He was supreme commander in chief - He wanted to set up a military dictatorship -He wanted to get rid of PS because they wanted to end the war
What Kornilov coup? -Him and his men advanced towards Petrograd but a strike by railway workers prevented their train reaching Petrograd and he was arrested -PG armed Bolsheviks to protect Petrograd - issued a manifesto - asked for war to continue and called for a meeting of the CA
Effects of the Kornilov coup? - no likelihood of a military dictatorship -Bolsheviks look even stronger and are now armed -Army continued to lose and desertions increased
Tsar abdicated? 2nd March 1917
When was the civil war? 1918-1921
Effects of the civil war on the people? - Red terror -resistance e.g. Kronstadt mutiny - WC
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