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Project Phase 1


Mind Map on Project Phase 1, created by María Fernanda Díaz Andrade on 05/22/2019.
María Fernanda Díaz Andrade
Mind Map by María Fernanda Díaz Andrade, updated more than 1 year ago
María Fernanda Díaz Andrade
Created by María Fernanda Díaz Andrade about 3 years ago

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Project Phase 1
  1. Present tenses
    1. Habits or routines
      1. General truths
        1. Time-table
          1. Description of plots and films
            1. PERSON+V.PRESENT...
              1. DO/DOES+PERSON+VSF...?
                1. PERSON+DON´T /DOESN´T +VSF ...
            2. Present continous
              1. Actions at the moment of speaking.
                1. Temporary actions.
                  1. Trends.
                    1. Fixed plans.
                      1. Annoying actions.
                        1. PERSON+AUX.BE+V.ING...
                          1. AUN.BE+PERSON+V.ING...?
                            1. PERSON+BE(-)+V.ING...
                          1. VOCABULARY-lead singer, background singer,go solo, massive hit, the charts, concert venue, devoted fans, live performane.
                              1. Eat out, eat up, heat up, goes off, cut down on, live on, fill up on, cut o.
                                        1. SERVICE-SUBJECT+HAS/GET+OBJECT+V.PAST PARTICIPLE...
                                          1. UNPLEASANT-SUBJECT+VERB(HAVE)+OBJECT+VERB P.P
                                            1. Second conditional- IF+PAST SIMPLE..., WOULD+INFINITIVE
                                          2. CONVINCES-SUBJECT2+GET...
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