Imperialism and national efficiency

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Created by elspeth over 6 years ago
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Imperialism and national efficiency
1 Support for the British Empire
1.1 Patriotic and pro-empire songs were produced
1.1.1 Land of Hope and Glory 1902
1.1.2 Transvaal 1899
1.2 Periodicals were popular and encouraged people to feel pride in the empire
1.2.1 Boy's Own Paper
1.2.2 Union Jack
1.3 Baden Powell (hero of Mafeking) established the Scouting movement in 1907 which promoted patriotic values
2 Criticisms of Britain's imperial role
2.1 Some believed that the war was fought to benefit the rich businessmen such as Cecil Rhodes who were in pursuit of gold mines.
2.2 Empire was portrayed as an enterprise to benefit rich men and not genuine national interest.
2.3 JA Hobson, the Manchester Guardian's correspondent, published an influential book criticizing the British Empire
2.3.1 Imperialism- A Study
2.4 Hobson claimed that the empire served the interests of a narrow elite of arms manufacturers, aristocrats and international financiers.
2.5 The book was widely read by left wind British writers and politicians
2.6 Hobson's book had some political impact on the 1906 elections.
3 The debate on national efficiency
3.1 Refers to the idea that Britain was losing it's position as the world's leading power in the late 19th and early 20th century.
3.2 Problems with recruitment to the army highlighted the problems with public health
3.3 1/3 of volunteers were turned away because of their health.
3.4 In Manchester as many as 3/5 people were turned down
3.5 The worry was that poverty and poor physical condition would leave Britain unable to defend her empire.
3.6 These concerns were one of the motivations for Liberal Reforms.

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