Impact Of Wavell

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Impact Of Wavell
1 Why was he made Viceroy? -Several different views
1.1 Was commander in chief of India- Military background
1.1.1 First suggested that he was chosen to continue hard line of leadership based on military principles
1.2 Confidence in Wavell had fallen
1.2.1 His 'promotion' to viceroy allowed more inspiring Auchinleck to become commander in chief Suggests that political skill not sought after in viceroy
1.3 Considered a man for solutions
1.3.1 A good problem solver
1.4 Churchill wanted someone with no political background
1.4.1 Wanted a military man who wouldn't engage in politics, instead just follow orders Wavell was far from what Churchill expected
2 The Bengal Famine
2.1 The Problem
2.1.1 1942/3 harvests were low, some of the worst of the century
2.1.2 Low harvests aggravated by shortage of other foods and reduced imports due to war
2.1.3 There was poor distribution of food within the province
2.1.4 As a result of widespread malnutrition Many people were dying more quickly of pneumonia, cholera and malaria
2.1.5 Estimate that famine caused 1-3 million deaths
2.1.6 Once famine started to effect major cities of Dacca and Calcutta, national concern arose
2.2 Wavell's Action
2.2.1 Immediately ordered military assistance for the distribution of food This involved diverting soldiers from war effort
2.2.2 Introduced rationing and control of panic buying and profiteering
2.2.3 Demanded appointment of governor of Bengal A post that had been left open for no reason
2.2.4 Fought for food and got twice what was promised However he did only get half what he asked for Showed political skill - asked for too much knowing that he wouldn't get it
2.2.5 By mid 1944 situation was coming under control It is much to Wavell's credit that he took a humanitarian view that lives should be saved Would've been easy to ignore famine to concentrate on war
3 Wavell's political solution and success
3.1 Wavell's search for a solution
3.1.1 Had a conference with provincial governors to discuss end of war time political future War debt continued to mount As did calls for the British to repay India for the benefit of the Indian people Governors strongly advised Wavell to push for a positive political initiative from the British before the end of the war
3.2 British Attitudes
3.2.1 Churchill + British govt had negative attitude towards making a solution Wavell had his request for an Indian Finance Minister rejected All of Wavell's letters to Gandhi had to be sent to London first for discussion Churchill simply wanted to do nothing - too busy with war Churchill adamant he would not be the PM who let India go
3.3 Initiative stalled
3.3.1 November 1944, Wavell requests consideration of political initiative For 5 months, cabinet stalled responding Eventually left it to India Committee to reject request
3.3.2 1945 - Churchill busy with managing victory parades and campaigning for next election Wavell still in London pushing for negotiation Churchill wanted Wavell out the way so he could concentrate on plans So he agrees to national conference of Indian leaders Known as Simla Conference Wavell thought this was too little too late
3.4 Simla Conference 1945
3.4.1 25 June consists of delegates from ML, Congress + others
3.4.2 Conference quickly leads to refusals and rejections
3.4.3 Jinnah refused to accept legitimacy of Muslims not belonging to ML
3.4.4 Wavell suggests Interim council as solution Rejected by Jinnah - sensed strength with ever rejection
3.4.5 Conference broke up - Indian political landscape shattered
3.4.6 July 1945 - Churchill Out - Labour + Attlee in Looking good for nationalists

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