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Created by mascharikelly over 5 years ago
GCSE AQA Biology 1 Nerves & Hormones
Lilac Potato
Theories of Religion
Heloise Tudor
GCSE Maths: Geometry & Measures
Andrea Leyden
DEV I Part I
d owen
Cell Physiology and General Physiology of Excitable Tissues- Physiology PMU 2nd Year
Med Student
10 Study Techniques
GCSE ICT Revision
Andrea Leyden
Chemistry C1
Chloe Winn
AS AQA Geography- Rivers
GCSE AQA Chemistry Atomic Structure and Bonding
My Digital Classroom
1 Hardware
1.1 1 to 1 Ipads
1.1.1 Instructional Strategies Easy to Access Homework on Dropbox Differentiated Work
1.2 Laptops/Desktops
1.2.1 Instructional Strategies Typing Program Computer Skills needed for Test Small Group Center
1.3 Smartboard
1.3.1 Instructional Strategies Immediate Teacher Feedback with Class
2 Software
2.1 Smart Notebook for Ipad's
2.1.1 Instructional Strategies


  • Teacher lesson on smart board will be uploaded to the smart notebook app each time. Students can engage with the lesson directly on their device. Teacher can give active engagement on rug with program. Students work can be calibrated on the large smart board. Students and teacher can discuss multiple answers to a given task. Parents/Child can prepare and use the lessons through the iPad.
2.2 Edmodo (Social Media)
2.2.1 Instructional Strategies Safety on the internet Immediate Student to Student Feedback Access to Teacher at Home
2.3 Apps on Ipad
2.3.1 Instructional Strategies QR codes for Museum Walk Science Fair