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1 Surgery
1.1 Trepanning
1.1.1 To cure headaches/epilepsy by letting out evil spirits
1.1.2 Most people survived it
1.1.3 Never carried out on children
2 Anatomy
2.1 Little known about the body
2.2 Some knowledge from burial rituals


  • bones were stripped of the flesh, bleached and buried in different piles
2.3 Some knowledge from cannibalism
3 Public Health
3.1 Unneccessary
3.1.1 Nomadic No sewers/hospitals needed
4 Cause & Cure
4.1 Dual Approach
4.1.1 Supernatural Charms Rituals Dances Ceremonies Poking sticks Beads Magic paintings
4.1.2 Natural


  • Healers could have used these medicinal substances as part of their spiritual practices and, if the healing proved successful, could certainly have ascribed the success to the spirits, not to the substances they had used in the cure Clay casts for broken bones Willow leaves/animal fat + bark for cut
5 Professional Development
5.1 Witch doctors
5.1.1 Would have combined healing with other spiritual functions
5.2 No proper doctors existed
5.2.1 Prehistoric people did not have even the concept of curing illness through medicine

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