England's Exploration and Colonies

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Discuss England's explorations of the New World, and briefly discuss the founding of the Maryland and Carolina colonies.

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England's Exploration and Colonies
1 Exploration
1.1 1497 - John Cabot claimed N. America for the English
1.1.1 1584 - Sir Walter Raleigh sent out explorers named the land Virginia after the "Virgin" Queen; 200 settlers went to Roanoke became the "lost colony"; colonies were too expensive for one person to fund
2 Virginia
2.1 The London Company
2.1.1 charter issued in 1606 for land from NY to NC; filled with merchants, not agricultural colonies Jamestown established in 1607; only 38 of the 100 men survived until Cap. John Smith established "work and order" John Rolfe began tobacco farming in 1612, which saved the colony even when war broke out with the Indians and the London Company went bankrupt
2.2 The Plymouth Company
2.2.1 sent John Smith to charter the New England territory Puritans who had fled to Holland were offered refuge by King James here the wind sent them farther North than planned to Plymouth, where they docked and signed the Mayflower Contract of 1620 created the civil government of Plymouth Plantation
3 Maryland
3.1 established by Lord Baltimore for Roman Catholics being persecuted in England
3.1.1 Protestants settled in the area and outnumbered the Catholics; power struggles ensued Maryland Toleration Act was established the first true religious freedom law in America
4 Carolinas
4.1 proprietary colony given to proprietors by Charles II
4.1.1 land stretching from Virginia to Spanish Florida meant for religious and political freedom, and named Carolina, the Latin word for Charles wealthy plantation owners came to Charlestown from declining sugar plantations in West Indies never very profitable, so they gave the land back to Charles, who split it into two colonies South Carolina more profitable, better port access North Carolina less profitable
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