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1 Eggs
1.1 Selection
1.1.1 AA, A, B The bigger the grade the cleaner and how thick the egg whites are
1.2 Nutrition
1.2.1 6.3 grams of protein
1.2.2 rich in protein and full of vitamins and minerals with few calories.
1.2.3 Vitamins - A, D, E ,B12, B6
1.2.4 Minerals - Iron, Zinc, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Magnesium
1.2.5 1 large egg is 1 serving 5 ounces of protein daily Trans fat, Saturated fat/ Polyunsaturated, Monounsaturated fat.
1.2.6 jumbo and large Recipes go with large eggs.
1.3 Storage
1.3.1 Eggs will age faster in room temp than in the fridge
1.3.2 Put in the fridge when still in shell for hard boiled.
1.3.3 Store on the inside shelf for best results.
1.4 Preparation
1.4.1 Poaching
1.4.2 Scrambled,
1.4.3 Hard Boiled, Hard cooked
1.4.4 Fried
1.4.5 Baked
1.4.6 Cooking it i medium to low heat.
2 Soy, Rice and beans, Quinoa
3 Apart of ever cell and tissue in the body
3.1 Amino acids - 20 different kinds - Two sections
3.1.1 9 Essential Required for growth. Needed to live Come from mostly animals
3.1.2 Non Essential
4 All 9 essential amino acids - Makes it a high protein mean
5 Red Meat
5.1 Nutrional Value
5.1.1 Complete protein Body tissue - repair and build
5.1.2 Iron- needed for healthy blood
5.1.3 B vitamin - used for energy, nerves, appetite
5.1.4 Zinc for healing
5.1.5 saturated fats - insualtion
5.2 Preparation
5.2.1 Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal
5.2.2 Poultry
5.2.3 fish
5.2.4 Beating with meat mallet
5.2.5 marinating it
5.2.6 Dry heat - for tender cuts Roasting and broiling baking frying
5.2.7 Moist heat need liquid to tenderize braising and stewing
5.3 selection
5.3.1 Wholesomeness - Good to eat
5.3.2 Grading - Quality to marbling
5.4 storage
5.4.1 2 days in fridge or 6 months in a freezer
5.4.2 leftovers good for 2-3 days
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