The Spanish Armada

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The Spanish Armada
1 Background
1.1 Shortly after Elizabeths reign a peace treaty was signed
1.1.1 Between England, Spain and France Making peace in Europe
1.2 As Elizabeth didn't have to pay for army
1.2.1 She over spent Making more powerful fast ships
2 First causes
2.1 She changed England back to Protestant
2.2 English seized Spanish treasure ship
2.3 She knighted Francis Drake
2.3.1 Free trade Drake preferred private trade
2.4 These all angered Phillip II
3 Elizabeth with more rage
3.1 Ordered 25 ships to harass the Spanish
3.1.1 Allied with Dutch
4 The Start
4.1 Phillip ordered 130 ships to block channel
4.1.1 Duke of Parma to invade UK
4.2 Execution of Catholic Mary in 1587
4.2.1 Increased number of ships bound to England
4.3 Drake got through and burnt ships
5 29th July 1588
5.1 Duke of Parma never arrived to meet Spanish
5.2 Armada dropped anchor to wait for his arrival
6 8th August 1588
6.1 Howard sent 8 fire ships to Spain
6.1.1 Spanish cut anchors and fled Armada blew North and faced storm Died in Northern Rocks Remains fled to Spain
7 Recent Research
7.1 Different size cannonballs
7.1.1 May of fled because of this

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