Native American society

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Native American society
1 The Native Americans were not one people, but many tribes
1.1 Their government was based on principles that the newcomers had difficulty in understanding
1.1.1 The only 'police' in Native American society were warriors called dog-soldiers
2 Community spirit
2.1 The whole tribe had to join together for the buffalo hunt.
2.2 The young braves thought it was an honour to feed the old and the weak
2.3 Old people voluntarily committed exposure
2.4 Horse stealing (from other tribes) was admired
3 View of war
3.1 War was based on ambush and skill
3.2 No one was forced to go to war
3.3 The aim of war was to capture horses and to show bravery
3.4 The bravest act of war was to score a coup
3.5 The main aim in war was to stay alive, in order to care for the family
3.6 Native Americans scalped their enemy to stop him going to an afterworld
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