Using a Brick Cutter

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Using a Brick Cutter
1.1 Face Mask
1.1.1 debrie offcuts from the brick being cut which irritates the skin
1.1.2 severe dust
1.2 Safety Googles
1.2.1 eye protection from brick offcuts injury loss of job severe bleeding death
1.3 Hearing Protection
1.3.1 earmuffs hearing loss compansation (if lucky) permanent disability
1.4 safety gloves
1.4.1 hospitalisation stress family support bills,food, medical
2 Environment
2.1 ventilated area
2.1.1 good weather
2.1.2 flat surface
2.2 enough clearance
2.2.1 trip hazards unwanted bricks on the ground
2.3 reduce noice
2.3.1 work during the day
3 Prechecks done
3.1 remove off cuts
3.1.1 check power & cable dry ground correct blade for the material
3.2 check blade if it is rotating properly
3.2.1 water supply
3.3 working bench is clear
3.4 get organised
3.4.1 enough time to work
3.5 manual handling procedures
3.5.1 position posture back support free body muscles legs and ands support blood circulation healthy employee less time lost injury ongoing income happy family
4 Competence
4.1 operator trained
4.2 understand fully machine operation
4.2.1 physically fit drug test perfomed randomly everyday fatigue shift rotation work stress
4.3 refresher courses carried out
5 Industry Workplace
5.1 music pumping
5.1.1 distruction injury fail to hear émergences
5.1.2 damage hearing
5.1.3 reduced boredom
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