SAB2#7 Estructuras Organizacionales I

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Organizational Strcuture

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SAB2#7 Estructuras Organizacionales I
1 Structure types
1.1 Functional
1.1.1 Advantages Easier Management specialist Team members reports to only one supervisor similar resources are centralized as the company is grouped by specialities Clearly defined paths in areas of work specialization
1.1.2 Disadvantages people pays more emphasis on their functional speciality No career path on pm PM has little or no authority
1.2 Projectized
1.2.1 Advantages Eficient project organization Team loyalty to project More eficient communications than functional
1.2.2 Disadvanatges No home for team mebers when project is completed Lack of specialization and disciplines Duplication facilities and job functions May result in less eficient use of resources
1.3 Matrix
1.3.1 Advantages Highly visible objectives Improved PM control More support from functional areas Maxium utilization of scarce resources Better Coordination Better discrimination of information Team member mantain a home
1.3.2 Disadvantages Extra administration is required Project managers have more than one boss More complex to monitor and control Resource allocation more complex Extensive policies and procedures are needed Functional Managers have different priorities Higher potential for conflict
2 Concepts to consider
2.1 Project Based Organization (PBOs)


  • create temporary frameworks around their projects that allow circunvant any obstacles in their organizational structure
2.2 Organizational Hierarchy


  • Often divided in operational, middle management, and strategic
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