Medicine & Treatment (Key Individuals)


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Medicine & Treatment (Key Individuals)
  1. Hippocrates
    1. Greek Doctor who created the theory of the 4 humours
    2. Galen
      1. Developed the theory of the 4 humours and created the theory of opposites
      2. Versailius
        1. Proved Galen's theories wrong by stating that: the human jaw was made up of only one bone
          1. He wrote "The fabric of the human body"
            1. First person to dissect humans
            2. Harvey
              1. Proved Galen wrong by stating the liver did NOT produced new blood but the same blood moved around the body
                1. Also proved that blood didn't move through the septum of the heart
                2. John Snow
                  1. Saw the link between dirty water and Cholera in 1800s
                    1. William Farr
                      1. Used stats to prove Snow correct
                  2. Bazelgette
                    1. Created the London sewer system to keep streets clean
                    2. Edwin Chadwick
                      1. Suggested that taxes from middle class should be used to improve hygiene for the poor
                        1. Wrote "The sanitary conditions of the labouring population 1842
                        2. Ehrlich, Von Behring & Sahachiro Hata
                          1. Created first magic bullet "Salvarson 606"
                          2. Gerhard Domgk
                            1. Created second magic bullet "Prontonsil"
                            2. Beveridge
                              1. Came up with the concept for NHS in the 1940s
                              2. Bevan
                                1. Health minister who brought in the NHS in 1948
                                2. Florence Nightingale
                                  1. Improved hygiene in hospitals and so helped lower death rates in hospitals
                                  2. Elizabeth Garret-Anderson
                                    1. Fought for right to allow females to train as doctors
                                    2. Fleming
                                      1. Discovered Penicillin
                                        1. Florey & Chain
                                          1. Tried to get Penicillin mass-produced
                                      2. Pasteur
                                        1. Created the Germ Theory
                                        2. Robert Koch
                                          1. Developed Pasteur's germ theory to show bacteria caused disease
                                          2. Leeuwenhoek
                                            1. Improved lenses for microscopes so improved research
                                            2. Jenner
                                              1. Created first vaccinations
                                                1. Vaccination against smallpox
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