Medieval Europe

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Medieval Europe
1 Ancient to Modern World
1.1 Roman Empire fell
1.1.1 Nomadic Tribepeople
1.1.2 Barbarians
1.1.3 Left Romans for new Civilisations 500CE-700CE Development Anglo Saxons
1.2 Medieval Period= Middle Ages
2 Feudalism and Heirachy
2.1 Social Heirachy
2.1.1 King Ruler of the Land
2.1.2 Tenants in Chief Nobility, Bishops, Lords Influenced Kings choices
2.1.3 Knights
2.1.4 Serfs Slaves and Peasants
2.2 Feudalism
2.2.1 Emerged c. 900ce France
2.2.2 Power and wealth
2.2.3 1066ce William of Normandy Introduces Feudalism Defeats Anglo Saxon King Goes to England
2.2.4 410ce Romans leave Britain
3 Medieval Rural Life
3.1 Food and Drink
3.1.1 Lower Class Foods Foods Turnips Parsnips Beans Bread Staple food Wheat Fruits Apples Pears Blueberries Blackberries Barley Used for ale
3.1.2 Contaminated Water Ale commonly drunk
3.1.3 Food Shortages
3.2 A Woman's Life
3.2.1 Was father's property Husband's after marriage
3.2.2 Married off early
3.3 Medicine and Belief
3.3.1 Life Expectancy: 30
3.3.2 Beliefs Punishment from God Herbs healed anything Human Body sacred Dissection forbidden
3.3.3 Knowledge on Medicine Superstitious Dissected animals
3.4 Law and Order
3.4.1 Tithe 10% Tax Partially for Church
3.4.2 Punishments Fit for the crime Hung Harsh and Physical
3.5 Rural Life
3.5.1 Lord Owned all the land
3.5.2 Serfs Little Power Needed permission Own responsibilities Divided land ownership
4 The Manor
4.1 Manorialism
4.2 Lord owned land
4.3 Buildings and Places
4.3.1 Manor House
4.3.2 Parsonage
4.3.3 Church
4.3.4 Village
4.3.5 Mill
4.4 Land Divisions
4.4.1 Wasteland
4.4.2 Farmland
4.4.3 Common Pasture
4.4.4 Woodland
4.4.5 Meadow
5 Power of The Church
5.1 Catholic Church
5.1.1 Dominant Church
5.1.2 Missionaries
5.1.3 More power than King
5.2 Impact
5.2.1 Very religious
5.2.2 Catholic Values
6 Crime and Punishment
6.1 Trials
6.1.1 Trial by Combat Alive: Innocent God protected innocent Was killed: Guilty
6.1.2 Trial by Ordeal Illogical Dunking Innocent would drown Guilty would live
6.1.3 Trial by Jury Late Medieval Period Verdict voted by citizens
6.2 Magna Carta
6.2.1 King John
6.2.2 King shared power
6.2.3 1215ce
6.3 Laws
6.3.1 Created by King
6.3.2 Reeve and Lord enforced
7 Crusades
7.1 Holy Land
7.2 1095ce
7.2.1 First Crusade
7.3 Legacies of the Crusades
7.3.1 Foods and flavours
7.3.2 Technology and Ideas
7.3.3 Understanding of religions
7.4 Aprox. 12 Crusades
7.5 Crusader from Europe
7.5.1 Many died on the way Boats sunk Starvation and Sickness
7.6 Unsuccessful
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