Life in Nazi Germany

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Life in Nazi Germany
1 Youth
1.1 Teachers had to be loyal to the Nazis
1.1.1 German Teachers League
1.2 School day based around NAZIS


  • Started with Hail Hitler
1.3 Hitler's Youth and League of German Maidens became copulatory
1.4 Started fun but then changed to drills and training
1.5 Loyalty to Fuhrer not family
1.6 Opposition
1.6.1 Edelweiss pirates Sex and alcohol Attacked Hitler Youth Hard to catch
1.6.2 Jazz Movement Listened to Jazz Listened to American Radio Wore modern Clothes
2 Women
2.1 Had Traditional Role
2.1.1 Church
2.1.2 Children
2.1.3 Kitchen
2.2 Encouraged to have children
2.2.1 Awards
2.2.2 Special loans that the amount you payed back depended on how many kids
2.3 To develop Aryan race
2.4 Did not work untill war
2.5 Main importance was reproduction not family
3 Workers
3.1 Industrial
3.1.1 1933- 6m unemployed
3.1.2 Under Nazis almost everyone employed
3.1.3 Strength through joy Volse Wagon deal 5 marks a week Cheap package holidays Cheap Thetre tickets
3.1.4 Beauty Labour Washrooms Canteens Tennis courts
3.1.5 Trade Unions where banned Had to join German Labor front controlled by Doctor Robert Lay
3.1.6 Wages where low
3.2 Middle class
3.2.1 Small manufacturing business done well as used to build wepons
3.2.2 Big Business done well
3.2.3 Leisure business Bad As no one had a lot of money Didn't feel comfortable in restaurants as didn't know who was listening
3.3 Farmers
3.3.1 Keen NAZI Supporters
3.3.2 Reich food estate Guaranteed prices and sale
3.3.3 Reich entailed Farm laws Farmers couldn't be evicted Farms couldn't be divided
3.3.4 Bad points Discouraged hard working farmers Not being able divide meant many left for cities
4 Minorities
4.1 Disabled
4.1.1 Euthanasia started Bishop Cahen spoke out and was popular Wide spread program where they where taken away and then died
4.2 Jews
4.2.1 Targeted as they where rich
4.2.2 Hitlers mother was treated by a jew
4.2.3 1933-35 Laws limited small Jewish freedoms
4.2.4 1935 Denied Jews Citizenship Banned marriages across religions
4.2.5 1938 Night of the Broken glass A Jew killed a German Officer due to his sisters deportation Non Jews(SS) then rioted and attacked Jews and their shops, houses and place of worship For their protection they where put in Ghettos Then concentration camps and killed
5 Economy
5.1 Run by Hjalmar
5.2 Public Works
5.2.1 Public Buildings
5.2.2 Conservations
5.3 Increasing exports
5.3.1 Creates more money
5.3.2 In conflict with


  • As they are building wepons not things to trade
5.4 Four Year Plan
5.4.1 Getting Germany ready for war
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