Social Influence

Adam O'Rourke
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A-Levels Psychology (PSYB2 - Social Influence) Mind Map on Social Influence, created by Adam O'Rourke on 05/28/2013.

Adam O'Rourke
Created by Adam O'Rourke over 6 years ago
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Social Influence
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Social Influence
1 Social Facilitation
1.1 Triplet
1.2 Travis
1.2.1 Pessin Evaluation Apprehension Bartis Worringham and Messick(Joggers) Henchy and Glass (Typists) MacCracken and Stadulis (Under 8) Schmidt (Blindfolds) Distraction Conflict Saunders Drive Theory Zajonc Michaels Allport Schmidt
2 Obedience
2.1 Milgram
2.2 Authoritarian Personality
2.2.1 Adorno Hyman and Sheatsley
2.3 Factors Affecting Obedience
2.3.1 Positively Personal Responsibility Milgram Culture
2.3.2 Negatively Lower Status of Authority Milgram Bickman Peer Support Feldman and Schiebe Proximity of Authority Milgram
3 Conformity
3.1 Sherif
3.1.1 Internalisation
3.2 Asch
3.2.1 Compliance
3.2.2 Perrin and Spencer
3.3 Factors Affecting Conformity
3.3.1 Positively Culture Smith and Harris Bond Personality Ambiguity Sherif Baron
3.3.2 Negatively Size of group Asch Presence of group Crutchfield High self esteem/efficacy
3.4 Anderson

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