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1 First march on 24th August 1968 after allocation of council house to protestant woman
2 March to highlight Londonderry Corporation's housing policy on 5 October 1968
2.1 Apprentice Boys threatened march in response
2.2 RTE camera crew arrive and beam harsh police pictures
2.3 Government bans any march
3 Violent marches continued
3.1 Went ahead with banned marches
3.2 Contact with Unionist marches
3.3 Provocative: went through unionist areas
4 There was a plateau in marches due to "Crossroads" speech [see other notes]
5 People's Democracy formed
5.1 1 to 4 January march gets ambushed
5.1.1 NICRA starts marching again
5.2 Aims
5.2.1 one man = one vote
5.2.2 fair boundaries
5.2.3 houses on need
5.2.4 jobs on merit
5.2.5 repeal S.P.A.
6 Aims
6.1 Invesitgation for complaints
6.2 Fair house allocation
6.3 Remove S.P.A.
6.4 One man = One vote
6.5 End Gerrymandering
6.6 End job discrimination in governments
6.7 Disband the B-Specials
7 Started in 1967
7.1 Non-sectarian movement
7.2 Inspiration from Luther King
7.3 Followed student demonstrations in France 1968
7.4 Support from educated Catholics, Academics, Trade Unionists and Liberal Protestants
7.4.1 Annoyed at Eddie McAteer's Nationalist Party
7.4.2 Powerful International Catholics (eg: JFK)
7.4.3 People thought a fairer NI would make a United Ireland less optional
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