Northern Ireland: Increasing Violence

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Created by matt.r.taylor over 6 years ago
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Northern Ireland: Increasing Violence
1 Worries about summer of 1969
1.1 Marching season approached
1.2 Stormont feared collapse of already stressed security forces
1.3 Republic sent intelligence officer to NI
1.4 Loyalists resented 'concessions'
1.5 Republicans apprenhensive to protect Nationalists
2 Violence
2.1 July 1969 - Belfast riots
2.2 12 August - 'Apprentice Boys' parade riot
2.3 'Battle of the Bogside'
2.3.1 50 hours
2.3.2 Stopped by small number of GB troops
2.4 Provincial town disturbances continued
3 Jack Lynch feared situation; issued concerns and sent Irish troops and field hospitals to the border
4 Political reforms/agreements
4.1 'Downing Street Declaration' [Wilson, PM]
4.1.1 Nationalists 'every citizen of northern Ireland is entitled to the same equality... irrespective of views or religion'
4.1.2 Unionists 'Northern Ireland should not cease to be part of the UK without the consent of the people'
4.2 Introduction of 'one man, one vote'
4.3 End to gerrymandering
4.4 Lord Hunt policing committee
4.4.1 Disarm RUC, disband B-Specials and replace with UDR under army control
4.5 Investment grants
4.6 Job-creating schemes
4.7 One new housing authority [not several ones as present]
4.8 Nationalists were happy about reforms, more fair
4.9 Unionists saw reforms as 'concessions'
4.9.1 Violence on Shankill Road due to Hunt Report
5 Paramilitaries
5.1 1969 - IRA split (a.k.a. I Ran Away due to lack of protection)
5.1.1 Official IRA (OIRA) - aimed for Marxist Ireland and ceasefire in May 1972
5.1.2 Provisional IRA (IRA) Destroy Stormont Defend Catholics Remove British 'Imperialism' Civil Rights
5.2 UVF wanted to return to Unionist domination
5.2.1 Membership thrived due to annoyance at O'Neill and NICRA
5.3 September 1971 - UDA formed
5.3.1 30,000 members in year = too big to ban

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