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1 Causes
1.1 Treaty Of Versailles
1.1.1 Germany lost Alsace-Lorraine, the Saar, Posen and other lands which formerly belonged to the German Empire. Also the German Army was decreased in size (down to 100,000 men).They also had to pay compensation to the Allies for causing the war.
1.2 Lebensraum
1.2.1 Hitler wanted to gain lebensraum (Living space) for the German people because the Germans are the Superior race above all races. He wanted to invade Poland and the USSR to gain the land which is needed for his people.
1.3 Invasions of the Rhineland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland
1.3.1 The German Army was Invading several countries and areas after being given false warnings from France and Britain. However when they invaded Poland, a declaration of war was given and on the 3rd September 1939. WWII began.
2 War in Europe
2.1 War in the west
2.1.1 Germany invaded France through the Ardennes
2.1.2 The French army was defeated and on 22 June 1940, France surrendered and Britain stood alone
2.1.3 Hitler planed to invade Britain after knocking out the RAF. However after the four months of the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe had lost nearly double of the amount of planes lost by the RAF and Hitler scrapped plans for invasion and instead turned to the USSR. This was the last act of war until 1944.
2.1.4 The Germans began to bomb London and other cities around the Country. However this proved to have no affect on Morale.
2.1.5 In 1944, the US and Britain invaded France. They pushed forwards and in August and September, they liberated Paris and Belgium. Hitler attempted a breakthrough on Christmas day with a counter-attack through the Ardennes which became known as the Battle of the Bulge.
2.1.6 The US and Britain began a large-scale bombing campaign against Germany. this bombing killed around 450,000 people
2.2 War in the east
2.2.1 Germany invaded the Soviet union on 22 June 1941. This was code-named Operation Barbarossa.
2.2.2 After three days of fighting the Soviet air force had been wiped out by the Luftwaffe. By mid July, 400,000 Soviets had been captured and Leningrad was under siege and they reached the outskirts of Moscow. But a counter from the Soviets held the Germans until after the winter.
2.2.3 The Soviets held out and after the victory in the battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets drove the Germans all the way to Berlin

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