Sexual Selection

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The relationship between sexual selection and human reproductive behaviour
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Sexual Selection
1 Inter and Intrasexual selection
1.1 INTER- Mate Choice. Where one sex (usually female) has preferences for characteristics in the opposite sex, qualities which increase in opposite sex over time.
1.2 INTRA- Mate Competition. where members of one sex (usually males) compete for access to the opposite sex
2 Short Term mating preferences
2.1 BUSS AND SHMITT- Men prefer casual sex. Decrease in attraction after sex. Evolved adaption which prevents them spending too long with one woman.
3 Long Term mating preferences
3.1 BUSS- Women have a bio investment in their offspring, so particular about mate choice. Prefer men with good resources, good parenting skills and are protective. Males attracted to females who have good signs of fertility.
3.2 SINGH- males prefer women with WHR of 0.7 shows non pregnancy, fat reserves, more likely to have sucessful births.
3.3 THORNHILL- females with neotenic faces more attractive. Males with strong jaw line
4 A03
4.1 GENDER BIAS- Females may also benefit from casual sex. Leaving poor qualirty relationship and finding one with better genes for offspring.
4.2 SOCIALLY SENSITIVE- women may not want to admit they have had a high amount of sexual partners. Also, may not want to admit they are with male for his resources.
4.3 REAL LIFE- Lack of validity, as what a male prefers isnt a reflection of reality
5 A02
5.1 Supporting Evidence...
5.1.1 CLARKE AND HATFIELD- Asked students if they'd have sex with researcher (male or female) 75% of males agreed 0% of females agreed. Suggests males developed mating strategies to ensure wide variety of partners. Women more selective HOWEVER- students so not representative
5.1.2 MOLLER- symmetrical faces are more attractive as it shows good genetic material which women favour
5.2 However...
5.2.1 KENRICK- rejects claim men prefer young females. Found teenage males are attracted to females 5 years older than them eventhough the females had no interest in them HOWEVER- Buss conducted research across 37 cultures to find almost all males prefered women younger than them and women prefered men with resources.
5.2.2 PENTON VOAK- Female mate choice varied across menstrul cycle. Chose slightly femenine version of mate when looking for long term (beta) however during ovulation stage prefered masculine face for short term sexual relationship (alpha) SUPPORT for this by MILLER- lap dancers. recieved more tips when ovulating as danced more provokatively in hope of attracting an alpha male to give genetically strong offspring

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