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1 Social Exchange Theory
1.1 A01
1.1.1 Commitment to a relationship depends on profitability Idea is to maximise profit and minimise costs COSTS= Time wasted, effort, financial investment REWARDS= Being cared for, sex and companionship
1.1.2 We develop a comparison level (CL). CL is the standards which all relationships are judged. Its formed by past relationships and expectations If profit exceeds the CL, the relationship is worthwhile and will work
1.2 A02
1.2.1 Supporting Evidence... RUSBULT AND MARTZ- explains why women stay in abusive relationships. When investments are high and alturnatives low (eg no money) could be considered a profit situation SIMPSON- asked pps to rate members of opposite sex in terms of attractiveness. Those in relationships gave lower rating.
1.2.2 However... Doesnt explain why people leave relationships despite having no alturnative Focuses too much on individuals perspectives and selfish concerns LOTT- Doesnt take into consideration level of importance. For example money means more to women than men.
1.3 'Economic Theory'
2 Equity Theory
2.1 A01
2.1.1 People strive for fairness. if its not fair, the relationship is INEQUITABLE
2.1.2 If recieve more than give - Feel guilty
2.1.3 If recieve nothing but give a lot - Feel distressed
2.1.4 If relationship is inequitable, motivated to restore it
2.1.5 Equity is judged by ration of inputs and outputs
2.2 A02
2.2.1 Supporting Evidence... STAFFORD AND CANARY- 200 married couples, relationship satisfaction is higher if relationship is equitable
2.2.2 However... CLARK AND MILLS- Equity less important in long term relationships. Was found to only characterise relationships with business partners or business associates
3 A03
3.1 CULTURAL BIAS- only applies to relationships in western cultures. Only applies to short term relationships among individuals with high mobility Eg Students
3.2 GENDER BIAS- men and women judge equity differently.
3.3 SOCIALLY SENSITIVE- Women may not want to admit they are only with someone for the profits such as money
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