Black and White Print Course Idea's

Robert  Nicholls
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Three Project ideas for the final submission, Industrial style imagery; Architecture; and Art/Staues/Memorials. Though a posibility ao a combination of the three projects is possible. To select 10-12 images for final work and create a resorce plan for a workbook and essay

Robert  Nicholls
Created by Robert Nicholls over 1 year ago
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Black and White Print Course Idea's


  • A mind map to create project ideas for the final project of the Spring Black and White Print course run by Ffotogallery Cardiff.
1 Presentation


  • How to presnt the final work for submission
1.1 Research Locations
1.1.1 Internet Research Books Magazine Articles Artists Blogs Artist Websites Newspaper Articles
1.2 Work Book
1.2.1 Research Book Essay Black and White Photographers of Note Martin Parr Ralph Gibson Gustave leGray William Eggleston David Hurn Ansel Adams Don McCullin Nick Ute Paul Strand Agete Phillip Jones Griffiths Charles Western Bill Brandt Larry Burrows Robert Cappa James Revillious James Natchwey Diane Arbus Robert Doisneau August Sander Lee Friedlander Man Ray Jan
1.3 Prints
1.3.1 Film Negatives
1.3.2 Digital Images
1.3.3 Mounts
1.4 Digital copies: DVD/USB Stick
2 Architecture
2.1 Civic Buildings
2.1.1 Multi Story Car Parks Museums Construction Sites Derelict Buildings Docklands Senedd Bridges Transporter Bridge Newport Severn Bridges Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol Town Bridge Newport

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