Life in Nazi Germany

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Life in Nazi Germany
1 Nazi control of Germany
1.1 Concentration camps
1.1.1 First set up in 1933 as makeshift prisons for the Nazi regime
1.1.2 Run by SS head units
1.1.3 Prisoners forced to do hard labour and barely fed
1.1.4 Three main groups were Jews, Socialists and Communists
1.2 Gestapo
1.2.1 Secret state police
1.2.2 led by Reinard Heydrich
1.2.3 had power to send citizens to camp without trial
1.2.4 Germans overestimated its pwer
1.2.5 Some germans reported others to Gestapo
1.3 SS
1.3.1 Led by Heinrich Himmler
1.3.2 2 subdivisions: Death's head and Waffen SS Death's heads persecuted and killed Jews Waffen SS fought in the regular army
1.3.3 Formed in 1925 and replaced SA
1.3.4 Highly trained and very loyal
1.4 Police and Courts
1.4.1 The Nazis controlled local police forces.
1.4.2 The police were given special powers to arrest and detain.
1.4.3 Nazi agents were immune from the law
1.4.4 Courts were controlled; Nazi opponents rarely got fair trials
1.4.5 Nazis often became high ranking police officers
2 Propaganda
2.1 Aims
2.1.1 To promote loyalty to Hitler and the Nazis
2.1.2 To promote traditional family values
2.1.3 To persuade people that the Communists and Jews were the enemies of germnay
2.1.4 To persuade young people to join the Hitler Youth
2.2 Josef Goebbels=Minister for Enlightenment and Propaganda

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